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Apr 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
koivu with the own goal 1-0 sj binge logan couture scores his 18th goal of the season off the great passing 2-0 sj minnesota goalie caught out of position and havlat makes them pay from right out in front 3-1 sj 3rd period - the pretty move and wraparound goal 4-1 sj final: 6-1 sharks sharks now in a 3-way tie with kings and canucks for 3rd place. 31 the ever popular sausage races.the #4 hot dog named frankie furter is in the leadbut the #1 bratwurst is right there.and it's frankie furter edging out brett2 on a more serious note - brewers pitcher yovani gallardo making the start despite being arrested for and when dui just two days agowith a blood alcohol three times3 gallardo - strikes out hunter pence on high heat 4 bot 1st / matt cain didn't have it again today - gives up three homers - this one to ryan braun who crushes it to left 2-0 mil bernie brewers comes down the slide - as he did three times on the day 5 bot 2nd/ the pitcher gallardo gets into the act - he homers off cain - a 2- run job to center field to break the game open 5-0 mil 6 bot 3rd, 5-0 mil / cain - gives up his
Apr 21, 2013 8:30am PDT
bing. >>> investigators standing guard at a hospital waiting to question the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings. the latest on his condition and the possibility he may have attempted suicide. >> well, the pressure is on. the heat is up in the bay area today. we're near 90 degreein places inland along the beach. a little relief. the entire forecast is coming up in a minute. >>> and local congress members say the battle to toughen gun controls laws is not over yet. welcome back to kpix this morning on cw44. good morning, the time is 901. i'm phil j. i'm ann. thank you for starting your beautiful sunday with us and we have a lot to talk about in the last half hour. we saw that in boston. everyone with their cell phone video and pictures, really helping them identify a suspect that ended up being taken down. >> reporter: that's right and on the subject of gun control, congress is debating that and we have a house of laws going through california'slation. the big question, where is governor jerry brown going to fall when they land on his deck? >> they will whether or
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2